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"Have a slice of Paradise" because a building is more than a floor plan, an apartment is more than four walls - and coming home is more than unlocking a door. At LONGITUDE Investments, we have been successfully transforming attractive land spots in Bali into modern, sustainable living environments that focus on people, nature, and culture. We have already developed and marketed many residential units, with the constant goal of using our innovative living concepts and high-quality standards to create a real home from each of them.

"We create living space" is our mission statement and our core business is the development, construction, and sale of villas, apartment houses and villa compounds all over Bali and Indonesia. We create development plans and new buildings worth living in stable locations, which offer both their residents and their investments a good home in the long term. Short coordination channels, a partnership-based line to the authorities, close cooperation with our customers and investors: All of this is important to us because it not only increases our customer's satisfaction but also makes our work more efficient.

The result is the sustainable, contemporary, and timely implementation of living environments that make us proud and their users happy.

Welcome to Longitude Investments

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Our 4 Core Values


Our properties should not be silent walls, but the vital center of good living, which also contribute to the quality of life of their users and the entire environment. To implement this requirement we employ qualified specialists in every area who work closely with our customers to develop individual living concepts for high demands. Our team focuses great importance to circumspection, which is one of the core principles of the company. It is taken into account just as thoroughly as the high standards in terms of quality, aesthetics, and sustainability that we maintain.


For us, sustainability is not a hollow phrase without real content, but an honest concern that we like to pursue because it simply makes sense. As a rule, we do not have to convince our customers of our future-oriented and cost-saving energy concepts. You probably already have a strong awareness of how important the topic is and therefore welcome the high priority it has at Longitude Investments. For our innovative projects, we combine the latest photovoltaic energy generation technologies. We also attach great importance to environmental friendliness when selecting our partners and materials, to maintain all the valuable elements of our world for generations to come.


Longitude Investments provides you with a catalog of turnkey villas that our architects have designed for you. We offer extraordinary, luxurious and sustainable villas and homely sustainable living spaces. Our harmonious architecture and the tasteful building components offer the perfect environment for people who know exactly what they want - a place of well-being in perfect harmony with its surroundings. Sustainability not only means for us saving resources or using renewable energy. Furthermore, we think about accessibility so that our villas are also accessible for seniors or persons with mobility issues. You have the right to live like you want, you come to us, and we listen. That is why our team of international architects create and realise for you exactly what you wish or need. Specialist Engineers oversee the feasibility of the project and monitor its implementation to ensure the highest quality standards are delivered.


A large house consists of many parts. Not only when it comes to the structural implementation of our projects but we also ensuring everything fits together well and compliments each other to provide a stunning and practical villa as a whole. Our goal is to offer our customers an all-around carefree package that leaves nothing to be desired. The most important components of this package include the high profitability rate and the fast return on Invest, the low-cost energy balance and the increase in the value of the property. Which results in high benefits and returns in our projects. Of no less great advantage for our customers and investors are the rental guarantee in selected properties and the photo documentation of the construction progress, which you can rely on with us. The offer is rounded off by the support of highly professional property management and the associated caretaker services - because when we say carefree, we mean it in the long term!