Longitude Rental Management

We offer each client of Longitude Construction the possibility of a hassle-free investment by leaving all rental management to our Longitude Management department. You will enjoy a safe, profitable, and attractive investment!

If you choose to entrust the management of your property to Longitude Management, you get the insurance of a high profitability real estate investment. Why not rent your property in Bali? The island is experiencing a growing tourism demand and supply is still limited?

Daily, monthly or annual rental, everything is possible.

To invest with complete peace of mind, have a guaranteed successful lease and an incomparable rate of return; let Longitude take care of everything for you from begining to end (online ad, contacts with the customers, small repairs, reservations, and all the other aspects related to management).


We Provide Longitude Management of Your Property

Enjoy a safe, profitable and attractive investment!


We can manage your property totally or partially, according to your preferences and your needs.

Rental Management Mandate

We will sign a specific contract for rental management in which we will stipulate our responsibilities as well as the limits of our intervention and our fees.


We propose you to put your villa on the Bali tourism market according to our Longitude marketing strategy.

Do You Want More Information?

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