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If you come to Longitude Invest, we will find for you the best space of land to build your dream villa in Bali, our motto is “We create living space”. We will give you support and advice on how to maximise the potential of the space. At Longitude Investments, we put everything on the table and work in a completely transparent way.

We study the market and will give you nothing but honest and clear information on how to turn around your investment. Our International team of architects and designers will create your dream home and you can already have the feeling with 3D renderings of the finished villa. We build with the sale in mind; we know the market and we know what sells. With this at the forefront, we will give you a design based on the best expertise.

At Longitude Investments Bali, there are no surprises. With over 15 years of experience and a team of specialist civil engineers, builders, project and site managers, you can expect a villa to take a mere 6-8 months to construct. Within the year, your project will go from dream to reality, with no extra costs or nasty surprises.

Longitude Investments will continuously research, develop and implement practical methods to help reduce costs and increase eco-friendly sustainability. This is our mantra and will be applied so long as the tools and features are suitable, ethical and practical for each project.
To enhance our villas we implement solar power (PV) and smart home features in each.

If you want to achieve a specific return on investment, we begin with that goal in mind. Longitude Investments Bali has a unique 360° view of all the costs of building and materials, the process of achieving planning permission, the fees and legalities and the demands of the market.
Everything is taken care of by Longitude Investments Bali, because you deserve to have a slice of paradise.

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