Sustainability is The Company's Most Distinctive and Dominant Value

"Location, location, location" is the mantra of many real estate developers. But although we by no means underestimate this factor, we know that a lot more has to be added to make a new construction project successful. Mutual trust of all those involved, transparency and good ethics in business as well as of course an exact calculation of return on investment must be just as solid as the construction planning itself. Longitude Investments has established itself as a real estate developer with four special core values: High quality, Uniqueness, High Profitability, and Sustainability. Sustainability being one of the company's most distinctive and dominant value.

With all the services and experiences it has to offer, Longitude Investments is keen to help to develop a more sustainable society. Specifically, this ambition seeks to achieve enduring sustainable human welfare for generations to come. Nature in its original state is serving as our guide in this endeavour and our project sites offers a valuable starting point. The concepts developed by Longitude Investments are realizing this ambition in a sustainable, high-quality and commercially sound manner to create unique villas and properties in Bali. Longitude Work with Industry experst to ensure the lates and most practicable sustainable technology and methodolgy are made available for your villa.


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