Living Responsibility - For Living Objects

With our board of directors Rizal and Florian we have experienced entrepreneurs at our head, who see a sense of responsibility as a daily obligation - towards owners, tenants, trade and planning partners, investors, locals, and authorities. Our properties should not be mute walls, but vital centers of good living, which also contribute to the quality of life of their users and the entire environment.

To implement this requirement, we employ qualified specialists in every area who work closely with our customers to develop individual living concepts for high demands. Our team attaches great importance to the fact that circumspection, which is one of the core principles of the company, is taken into account just as thoroughly as the high standards in terms of quality, aesthetics, and sustainability that we maintain.



After graduating in international hotel management he studied corporate law and started in 2011 with his real estate development company in Germany. Passionate about architecture, renewable energies, and construction, Florian has continued to leverage his know-how and experience to exceed his clients expectations.



After 10 years of focusing on running Hospitality businesses in the UK, Rizal moved into Aviation and has and is still running a successful Aviation consultancy firm. His passion for property developed in the UK when he started building a portfolio of properties on the South coast of England. Being Half Indoneisan and Half British he is able to understand and work effectively between the cultural differences of the East and the West

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