Enjoy The Finest Properties

"Have a slice of Paradise" because a building is more than a floor plan, an apartment is more than four walls - and coming home is more than unlocking a door. At LONGITUDE Investments, we have been successfully transforming attractive land spots in Bali into modern, sustainable living environments that focus on people, nature, and culture. We have already developed and marketed many residential units, with the constant goal of using our innovative living concepts and high-quality standards to create a real home from each of them.

"We create living space" is our mission statement and our core business is the development, construction, and sale of villas, apartment houses and villa compounds all over Bali and Indonesia. We create development plans and new buildings worth living in stable locations, which offer both their residents and their investments a good home in the long term. Short coordination channels, a partnership-based line to the authorities, close cooperation with our customers and investors: All of this is important to us because it not only increases our customer's satisfaction but also makes our work more efficient.

The result is the sustainable, contemporary, and timely implementation of living environments that make us proud and their users happy.